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Honey Lotus

Honey Lotus was established in 1994 as a family farming enterprise. It developed into a feedlot of around 2000 units where transportation of our own animals and feed become a viable option.
In 2006 an opportunity to transport coal for Eskom arose, and we expanded our fleet with 3 back tipper units which operated primarily to Grootvlei PowerStation.
Shortages of coal at the Power Stations nationwide allowed Honey Lotus to expand rapidly. Our infrastructure and office gearing was transformed into a Transport company.

With current Governmental economic compliances it was decided to offer a senior member of management shares in 2011 and in so doing have been able to obtain a level 4 BEE rating with ownership, which stands us in good stead when applying for future contracts.


Open Collaborative work spaces

OPEN is more than just an office. It’s a collaborative community of creative and professional people to come together in an inspiring and diverse space where you can expand your mind, meet, network and collaborate. Whether you’re an individual or a business, explore the new frontier of collaborative shared office space.


GTC (Grant Thornton Capital)

GTC has always retained the objective of being recognised in a crowded market place as a benchmark of best practice and innovative thinking. This objective is measured by ensuring that the interests of all of our clients are protected and placed at the core of all our decisions, business practices, company culture and ethics. GTC commits to applying more than the prescribed contributions to social responsibilities. We achieve this by ensuring that actions are more than the company’s financial contributions.

An employee (as opposed to management) driven committee determines and establishes interaction and specific projects to be undertaken. GTC staff voluntarily commit their personal time, energy and money, all of which is actively embraced by the company.

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